PiezoDrive develops high-performance amplifiers, actuators, and mechanisms for industrial, scientific, and consumer applications.

Standard and custom piezo drivers, amplifiers, actuators, sensors, mechanisms, and power harvesting systems

PiezoDrive systems are easy to use and provide exceptional characteristics such as wide-bandwidth, ultra-low noise, and mechanical robustness.

Applications include industrial machinery, microscopy, vibration control, high-speed valves, optics, biotechnology, and scientific instrumentation.

Piezo Bender Actuators

PiezoDrive Piezo Bimorph Bender Actuator

Piezoelectric benders with up to 2mm of deflection.

Vibration Energy Harvesting

Optimized energy harvesting systems for remote monitoring and mobile devices.


University of Aberdeen

Our research project required a high-speed amplifier that could drive...

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Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Compared to our previous amplifiers, the PDL200 provided a...

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Amplified Piezo Actuators

Piezo actuators with up to 1mm displacement, high force and fast response...

PiezoDrive AP Amplified Piezo Actuator

High Performance Stack Actuators

High performance multilayer stack actuators with a polymer coating for improved reliability and protection against dust and humidity...

PiezoDrive ST Stack Actuator

PDu100B - Miniature Piezo Driver

A complete miniaturized power supply and linear amplifier for driving piezoelectric actuators. The PDu100B provides variable...

PDu100B - Voltage Amplifier

PDm200 - Miniature HV Amplifier

The output voltage range can be switched between bipolar or unipolar modes with a range from +100V to +\-400V in the...

PDm200 - High Voltage Amplifier

PX200 - 140W Voltage Amplifier

High-performance voltage amplifier for driving piezoelectric actuators. The PX200 has a bandwidth of 390 kHz with a peak current of 8 amps...

PX200 - High-Speed Piezo Driver

PDQ - Charge Drives

The first commercially available charge drives for piezoelectric actuators. Charge drives have the unique...

PDQ - Charge Drives