Piezo Electrical Requirements

Resonant versus Non-resonant Operation

The operation of piezoelectric actuators can be grouped into three broad categories: resonant, non-resonant, and mixed operation. The first step to choose a driver, is to identify the operating mode of your application.

In resonant operating modes, the actuator is operating continuously at a mechanical resonance frequency; for example, an ultrasonic transducer. For this class of applications, refer to this detailed tutorial.

In non-resonant applications, the actuator is operating at frequencies below the first resonance frequency; for example, positioning stages. In this mode, the electrical impedance of the actuator is approximately capacitive. Continue reading to  determine the electrical current requirements of your application.

The final category is mixed resonant and non-resonant operation; for example, pulsed ultrasound transmitters. These specialty applications are not simple to generalize and may require simulation or experimental work to determine the exact requirement.