PD200X4 – Four Channel Power Amplifier

The PD200X4 is a four-channel linear amplifier for driving piezoelectric actuators and other loads. The output voltage range can be unipolar, bipolar, or asymmetric from 50V to 200V. Up to +/-200V can be achieved using two channels with a bridged load. Refer to the specifications table for the available output voltage ranges. Front panel switches and dedicated connectors for independent and bridged loads make it easy to switch between four independent channels and two bridged channels with double the voltage range.

The PD200X4 can drive any load impedance including unlimited capacitive loads such as stack actuators; standard piezoelectric actuators; two wire benders; and three-wire piezoelectric benders requiring a bias voltage. Bias voltages can be generated using two auxiliary outputs linked to the power supply voltages, or by using an amplifier channel with a constant DC offset.

A range of user controls and ordering options are available to provide maximum application flexibility. The DC offset of each channel can be controlled by a front panel potentiometer, or can be fixed to zero as an option. The maximum positive and negative output voltages can be restricted using two front panel potentiometers. A 15-pin DSUB connector on the front panel includes signals for inputs, voltage monitors, current monitors, temperature measurement, a digital status output, and a digital shutdown input.

The output connectors include BNC for independent channels, LEMO 0B for bridged channels, and a plug-in screw terminal. The PD200X4 is suited to a wide range of applications including electro-optics, ultrasonics, vibration control, nanopositioning systems, and piezoelectric motors.

PD200X4 – Four Channel Power Amplifier testing enquire form - Specifications and User Manual

PD200X4 – Four Channel Power Amplifier testing enquire form -

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Electrical Specifications
Output Voltage Range 100 Vp-p 150 Vp-p 200 Vp-p
Peak Current 2 A 2 A 2 A
RMS Current 1.2 A 0.91 A 0.57 A
Pulse Current (optional) 10.0 A 10.0 A 10.0 A
Power Bandwidth 470 kHz 310 kHz 230 kHz
Gain 20 V/V (Custom gain available)
Slew Rate 150 V/us
Signal Bandwidth 680 kHz
Load Any
Noise 714 uV RMS (10uF Load, 0.03 Hz to 1 MHz)
Protection Continuous short-circuit, thermal
Voltage Monitor 1/20 V/V
Current Monitor 1 V/A
Analog Input +/-10 V , Zin = 100k, protected up to +/-20V
Output Connectors BNC, Screw Terminals, LEMO 0B
Power Supply 90 Vac to 250 Vac
Mechanical Specifications
Environment 0-40 C (32-104 F) Non-condensing humidity
Dimensions 212 x 304.8 x 88 mm (8.35 x 12 x 3.46 in)
Weight 2 kg (4.4 lb)
Compatible Actuators
Stack Actuators 50V to 200V (4 Channels)
Plates and Tubes +/-100V or +200V with a grounded load (4 Channels)
+/-200V with a bridged load (2 Channels)
Two Wire Benders +/-100V or +200V with a grounded load (4 Channels)
+/-200V with a bridged load (2 Channels)
Three Wire Benders Up to +200V with +200V bias (4 Channels + Bias source)
+/-100V with +/-100V bias (4 Channels + 2 Bias sources)

Output Voltage Range

The desired output voltage range is specified when ordering. The output voltage ranges and associated current limits are listed below. A voltage range equal to, or greater than, the load requirements is recommended as the maximum and minimum output voltages can be reduced using the front panel controls.

Peak to Peak
0 to +200 V 200 V 0.57 A 2 A PD200X4-V0,200
0 to +150 V 150 V 0.91 A 2 A PD200X4-V0,150
0 to +100 V 100 V 1.20 A 2 A PD200X4-V0,100
-50 to +150 V 200 V 0.57 A 2 A PD200X4-V50,150
-50 to +100 V 150 V 0.91 A 2 A PD200X4-V50,100
-50 to +50 V +/-100 V 200 V 1.20 A 2 A PD200X4-V50,50
-100 to +100 V +/-200 V 200 V 0.57 A 2 A PD200X4-V100,100
-100 to +50 V 150 V 0.91 A 2 A PD200X4-V100,50

Table 1. Voltage Range Configurations

Power Bandwidth

The ‘power bandwidth’ is the maximum frequency at full output voltage. When the amplifier output is open-circuit, the power bandwidth is limited by the slew-rate; however, with a capacitive load, the maximum frequency is limited by the RMS current and load capacitance. The power bandwidth for a range of capacitive loads is listed below.

Delivery Contents

  • PD200X4 amplifier with plug-in screw terminal installed
  • IEC C13 power cable, suited to the shipping destination


PiezoDrive amplifiers are guaranteed for 12 months from the date of delivery. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse.