PDL200 Low Noise Voltage Amplifier

PDm200 High Voltage Amplifier Piezo Driver

The PDL200 is a 200 Volt linear amplifier designed to optimize the performance of multilayer piezoelectric stack actuators. The PDL200 is compact in size but provides a level of performance not currently available from commercial amplifiers.

The PDL200 contains a new proprietary output stage with Dynamic Current Control that provides exceptionally large output currents for short periods of time. Compared to a standard voltage amplifier, the PDL200 provides three times greater power bandwidth and up to six times faster rise-time. A plot of the allowable overload current versus time is shown below.

In addition to the fast response, the PDL200 also exhibits extremely low noise. This is ideal for precision positioning applications where sub-atomic resolution is required. Other features that make the PDL200 suitable for scientific and industrial applications include the compact size, ease-of-use, and ability to drive any capacitive load.

The PDL200 is housed in a rugged desktop enclosure with no fan or vents and can be mounted into a standard Eurocard subrack or onto a DIN rail.

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Peak Current 600 mA
RMS Current 220 mA
Voltage -10V to +60V, +150V or +200V
(Selectable on front panel)
Gain 20 V/V
Signal Bandwidth 400 kHz (unloaded)
Power Bandwidth 5 kHz (100 nF load)
Offset 0 V to 200 V
Input Differential, Zin = 27 kOhm
Connectors BNC input and output
Load Unlimited capacitive loads
Overload Thermal, current and voltage
Noise 150 uV RMS (1 uF Load)
Environment 0 – 40 C (32-104 F)
Enclosure Rugged desktop enclosure, no fan.
Mounts into Eurocard subrack and DIN rail.
Dimensions 226 x 111 x 83mm mm (L x W x L)
Power Supply 115V or 230V AC (selectable)
pdl200 overload 355w

Power Bandwidth

Calculate Power Bandwidth

The power bandwidth of the PDL200 is more than three times greater than a standard amplifier with a static current limit. For signals over 100 Hz the maximum frequency sine-wave is approximately,
$$f^{max}=\frac{0.1}{V_{pp} C} \text{Hz} ,$$ where \( V_{pp} \) is the peak-to-peak voltage and \( C \) is the load capacitance. Some common values of power bandwidth are tabulated below.

Load Capacitance Power Bandwidth
100 nF 5.0 kHz
300 nF 1.66 kHz
1.0 uF 500 Hz
3.0 uF 167 Hz
10 uF 50 Hz
30 uF 6 Hz
100 uF 2 Hz

Power Bandwidth versus Load Capacitance

pdl200 pbw 376w

Bias/Offset Voltage

A bias voltage of 0V to 200V can be set from a 10-turn potentiometer on the front panel.

Voltage Limit

The voltage limit switch restricts the maximum output voltage to either: 60V, 150V or 200V.

Frequency Response

With a capacitive load, the PDL200 exhibits an approximately first-order response with a bandwidth of
$$f^{3dB}=\frac{1}{150 C} \text{Hz} ,$$ where \( C \) is the load capacitance. Some typical values of bandwidth are tabulated below.

Load Capacitance Signal Bandwidth
100 nF 53 kHz
300 nF 18 kHz
1.0 uF 5.3 kHz
3.0 uF 1.8 kHz
10 uF 530 Hz
30 uF 180 Hz
100 uF 53 Hz

Signal Bandwidth versus Load Capacitance

Signal Bandwidth versus Load Capacitance

pdl200 freqresp 394w

Noise Performance

The PDL200 is a low noise amplifier designed to exceed the requirements of positioning and imaging systems with sub-atomic resolution. The following table lists some experimentally measured noise voltages.

Load Cap. Bandwidth Noise (RMS)
100 nF 53 kHz 770 uV
300 nF 18 kHz 290 uV
1.0 uF 5.3 kHz 125 uV
3.0 uF 1.8 kHz 95 uV
10 uF 530 Hz 57 uV
30 uF 180 Hz 42 uV
100 uF 53 Hz 27 uV

Noise versus Load Capacitance