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High-performance amplifiers, actuators, and mechanisms for industrial, scientific, and consumer applications.

PiezoDrive has more than ten years experience with piezoelectric systems and can assist in the development of ultra-precise mechanical devices and electronics.

PiezoDrive was founded by Dr. Andrew Fleming who is an expert in piezoelectric systems including high-voltage amplifiers and power supplies, sub-nanometer positioning systems, atomic force microscopes, and aerospace structures. Dr. Fleming is the author of more than 130 scientific papers, 3 books and several patent applications.

Distributor Contacts

USA: MicroMechatronics Inc.
Germany, Austria, Switzerland: Scientific Instruments GmbH
Japan: Mechano Transformer Corp.
Taiwan: Superex Technology Corp.
South Korea: Innotics Inc
China: Xiamen C & D Inc
Iran and Middle East: Tarfand Technical solutions

For other sales and technical information:

Email: info@piezodrive.com

P.O. Box 113
Callaghan, NSW 2308

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