TD250 6-Channel 250V Amplifier for Driving Piezo Tubes

The TD250 is an ultra-low noise, six-channel +/-250V amplifier suited to driving piezoelectric tubes and other actuators. The six channels can be ordered as either independent (TD250-SGL), or as three channels with non-inverting and inverting outputs (TD250-INV), which is ideal for driving piezoelectric tube scanners. The inverting configuration can also be used to obtain +/-500V with a bridged load.

The TD250 can drive unlimited capacitive loads such as piezoelectric tubes, stack actuators, standard piezoelectric actuators, and bender actuators. Applications include nanopositioning, microscopy, electro-optics, and vibration control. The input and output connectors are industry standard 9-Pin D-Sub connectors. The amplifier is supplied with two DSUB cables and two breakout boxes that include BNC connectors and plug-in screw-terminals. OEM and customized versions are also available.

TD250 6-Channel 250V Amplifier for Piezo Tubes - Specifications and User Manual

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TD250 Amplifier and Breakout Boxes

Compatible Actuators

Compatible Actuators
Piezoelectric tubes +/-250V
Piezoelectric actuators +/-250V (grounded Load), +/-500V (bridged Load)
Two Wire Benders +/-250V (one electrode grounded) +/-500V (bridged load)
Three Wire Benders +/-250V on each electrode, or +/-250V with HV Bias


Electrical Specifications
Output Voltage +/-250V Six Channels
RMS Current 28mA per channel
Peak Current 100mA per channel
Gain 25 V/V
Slew Rate 20 V/us
Signal Bandwidth 26 kHz
Power Bandwidth 15 kHz (400 Vpp)
Load Stable with any load
Noise  61 uV RMS (100 nF load)
Protection Short-circuit, temperature, under-voltage
Input Impedance 1 MOhm
Input Connector 9 Pin D-sub
Output Connector 9 Pin D-sub
Power Supply 15V, 3A Minimum
Mechanical Specifications
Environment 0 – 40 C (32-104 F), Non-condensing humidity
Dimensions 216 x 108 x 48 mm (8.5 x 4.3 x 1.9 in)
Weight 1 kg (2.2 lb)

Power bandwidth

The power bandwidth is the maximum frequency periodic signal that can be reproduced without distortion. The calculator determines the maximum operating frequency and required power for a given load capacitance. The calculator includes the effects of current limit, slew-rate, and signal bandwidth. The calculator does not include the time-constant of the peak current limit, and may be inaccurate when the power bandwidth is below 100 Hz.

Delivery Contents

  • TD250 amplifier
  • Two breakout boxes with BNC connectors and plug-in screw-terminals
  • Two DSUB9 cables, Male-Male, with straight-through wiring
  • Universal power supply 90 Vac to 250 Vac, 15V 3A output
  • IEC C13 power cable, suited to the shipping destination


The TD250 is guaranteed for 12 months. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse.