TD250 6-Channel 250V Amplifier for Driving Piezo Tubes

The TD250 is an ultra-low noise, six-channel +/-250V amplifier suited to driving piezoelectric tubes and other actuators. The six channels can be ordered as either independent (TD250-SGL), or as three channels with non-inverting and inverting outputs (TD250-INV), which is ideal for driving piezoelectric tube scanners. The inverting configuration can also be used to obtain +/-500V with a bridged load.

The TD250 can drive unlimited capacitive loads such as piezoelectric tubes, stack actuators, standard piezoelectric actuators, and bender actuators. Applications include nanopositioning, microscopy, electro-optics, and vibration control. The input and output connectors are industry standard 9-Pin D-Sub connectors. The amplifier is supplied with two DSUB cables and two breakout boxes that include BNC connectors and plug-in screw-terminals. OEM and customized versions are also available.

TD250 6-Channel 250V Amplifier for Piezo Tubes - Specifications and User Manual

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TD250 Amplifier and Breakout Boxes

Compatible Actuators

Compatible Actuators
Piezoelectric tubes +/-250V
Piezoelectric actuators +/-250V (grounded Load), +/-500V (bridged Load)
Two Wire Benders +/-250V (one electrode grounded) +/-500V (bridged load)
Three Wire Benders +/-250V on each electrode, or +/-250V with HV Bias


Electrical Specifications
Output Voltage +/-250V Six Channels
RMS Current 28mA per channel
Peak Current 100mA per channel
Gain 25 V/V
Slew Rate 20 V/us
Signal Bandwidth 26 kHz
Power Bandwidth 15 kHz (400 Vpp)
Load Stable with any load
Noise  61 uV RMS (100 nF load)
Protection Short-circuit, temperature, under-voltage
Input Impedance 1 MOhm
Input Connector 9 Pin D-sub
Output Connector 9 Pin D-sub
Power Supply 15V, 3A Minimum
Mechanical Specifications
Environment 0 – 40 C (32-104 F), Non-condensing humidity
Dimensions 216 x 108 x 48 mm (8.5 x 4.3 x 1.9 in)
Weight 1 kg (2.2 lb)

Power bandwidth

The power bandwidth is the maximum frequency periodic signal that can be reproduced without distortion. The calculator determines the maximum operating frequency and required power for a given load capacitance. The calculator includes the effects of current limit, slew-rate, and signal bandwidth. The calculator does not include the time-constant of the peak current limit, and may be inaccurate when the power bandwidth is below 100 Hz.

Delivery Contents

  • TD250 amplifier
  • Two breakout boxes with BNC connectors and plug-in screw-terminals
  • Two DSUB9 cables, Male-Male, with straight-through wiring
  • Universal power supply 90 Vac to 250 Vac, 15V 3A output
  • IEC C13 power cable, suited to the shipping destination

Mounting Options

The TD250 is supplied as a small desktop instrument. However, it can also be supplied with brackets for chassis or wall mounting. Contact PiezoDrive for ordering details and dimensions.


The TD250 is guaranteed for 12 months. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse.