PiezoDrive Technology

PiezoDrive can assist with turn-key solutions for power supplies, amplifiers, ultrasonic transducers and drivers, motion sensing and control, and precision mechanism design.

Custom Piezoelectric Drives and Amplifiers

For requirements that cannot be met by the standard range of PiezoDrive amplifiers, a custom design may be economical, particularly when multiple channels or amplifiers are required.

Capabilities include:

  • High bandwidth (10 MHz)
  • High current (50 Amps)
  • Low noise (>1 PPM Resolution)
  • Low-cost OEM modules
  • High channel count
  • Integrated sensor electronics and feedback control
  • Linear, switched-mode, and resonant power supply design

High Performance Motion Control

PiezoDrive can provide high performance solutions for vibration and motion control. PiezoDrive solutions are robust to changes in load and resonance frequency, and can be self tuning. Applications are in high-speed microscopy, nanopositioning, semiconductor processing, and optics

Capabilities include:

  • High bandwidth positioning (above the resonance frequency)
  • Optimization for high resolution
  • Ultra-low tracking error
  • Active control for critical structural damping

Precision Mechanism Design

PiezoDrive can develop precision mechanical mechanisms for industrial and scientific applications such as nanopositioning, optics, microscopy, and machine tools.

Capabilities include:

  • Integrated sensor and drive electronics
  • Active damping control
  • High resonance frequencies
  • Long travel range
  • Material and fabrication process optimization
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