FS – Optical Fiber Stretcher

The FS Optical Fiber Stretcher is a highly customizable optic fiber stretcher based on a piezoelectric tube actuator. The selected fiber is wound onto the tube with a controlled tension. During operation, a voltage applied to the piezoelectric tube results in a change in diameter and a proportional change in the optical path length.

Customizations include the fiber type, number of turns, optical connection type, and electrical drive configuration. Single-mode (SM) and polarization-maintaining (PM) fibers are available. The PiezoDrive FS Optical Fiber Stretcher can be purchased in an enclosure or as an OEM component. The enclosed option uses two FC/APC optical connectors and has two electrical configurations available.

The two electrical configuration options are single-ended, and differential. The simplest option is the single-ended connection, where the external tube surface is grounded, and only the internal tube electrode is driven, which requires one high-voltage amplifier. Alternatively, the differential option has electrical connections to both the internal and external tube electrodes, which requires two high-voltage amplifiers. The differential configuration may be suitable for some applications that require maximum bandwidth or displacement range, since the voltage and power requirements of each high-voltage amplifier are halved. The enclosed version can be supplied with BNC or SHV electrical connectors.

Applications include variable optical delays, interferometers, laser stabilization, and laser tuning.

PiezoDrive FS optical fiber stretcher
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Electrical Specifications

Specification Value Notes
Maximum Input Voltage -500 to +2000 V Dependent on connector type
and configuration
Tube Capacitance 289 nF
Electrical Connections BNC or SHV
Wavelength Range 320 to 2100 nm Dependent on fiber choice
Optical Path Displacement
36 nm/V/turn Dependent on the number of
fiber turns
Number Of Turns 1, 5, 10, 15… 80
Total Fiber Length 300 mm + 180 mm/turn Dependent on the number of
fiber turns
Resonance Frequency 14 kHz
Fiber Type SM or PM
Optical Connectors FC/APC
Optical Connectors (OEM) Custom

Single Mode Fibers

Order Code Specifications
SM300 0.13 NA; 320 – 430 nm; Cladding: 125 um
S405-XP 0.12 NA; 400 – 680 nm; Cladding: 125 um
SM450 0.12 NA; 488 – 633 nm; Cladding: 125 um
460HP 0.13 NA; 450 – 600 nm; Cladding: 125 um
SM600 0.13 NA; 633 – 780 nm; Cladding: 125 um
SM400 0.13 NA; 405 – 532 nm; Cladding: 125 um
630HP 0.13 NA; 600 – 770 nm; Cladding: 125 um
S630-HP 0.13 NA; 630 – 860 nm; Cladding: 125 um
780HP 0.13 NA; 780 – 970 nm; Cladding: 125 um
SM800-5.6-125 0.13 NA; 830 nm; Cladding: 125 um
SM800G80 0.16 NA; 830 nm; Cladding: 80 um
SM980-5.8-125 0.14 NA; 970 – 1650 nm; Cladding: 125 um
SM980G80 0.18 NA; 980 – 1650 nm; Cladding: 80 um
1060XP 0.14 NA; 980 – 1600 nm; Cladding: 125 um
980HP 0.2 NA; 980 – 1600 nm; Cladding: 125 um
1310BHP 0.13 NA; 1300 – 1625 nm; Cladding: 125 um
SM1250G80 0.12 NA; 1310 – 1550 nm; Cladding: 80 um
SM2000 0.11 NA; 1700 – 2100 nm; Cladding: 125 um
UHNA1 0.28 NA; 1100 – 1600 nm; Cladding: 125 um
UHNA3 0.35 NA; 960 – 1600 nm; Cladding: 125 um
UHNA4 0.35 NA; 1100 – 1600 nm; Cladding: 125 um
DCF13 0.12 NA; 1250 – 1600 nm; Cladding: 125 um
DCF4 0.11 NA; 1500 – 1625 nm; Cladding: 125 um

Polarization Maintaining Fibers

Order Code Specifications
PM-S350-HP 0.12 NA; 350 – 460 nm; Cladding: 125 um
PM-S405-XP 0.12 NA; 400 – 680 nm; Cladding: 125 um
PM460-HP 0.12 NA; 460 – 700 nm; Cladding: 125 um
460HP 0.13 NA; 450 – 600 nm; Cladding: 125 um
PM630-HP 0.11 NA; 620 – 850 nm; Cladding: 125 um
PM780-HP 0.12 NA; 770 – 1100 nm; Cladding: 125 um
PM980-XP 0.12 NA; 970 – 1550 nm; Cladding: 125 um
PM1300-XP 0.12 NA; 1270 – 1625 nm; Cladding: 125 um
PM1550-XP 0.13 NA; 1440 – 1625 nm; Cladding: 125 um
PM2000 0.2 NA; 1850 – 2200 nm; Cladding: 125 um
PS-PM980 0.12 NA; 980 nm; Cladding: 125 um
HB830Z 0.14 NA; 780 – 850 nm; Cladding: 80 um
HB1060Z 0.14 NA; 1014 – 1114 nm; Cladding: 125 um
HB1550Z 0.09 – 0.11 NA; 1500 nm; Cladding: 125 um
HB800G 0.16 NA; 830 nm; Cladding: 80 um
HB980T 0.14 NA; 980 nm; Cladding: 125 um
HB1250T 0.12 NA; 1310 nm; Cladding: 125 um
HB1500T 0.12 NA; 1550 nm; Cladding: 125 um

Optical Connectors For OEM

Order Code Description
LC/SSF 1.25 mm (LC) Stainless Steel Ferrule
LC/CF 1.25 mm (LC) Ceramic Ferrule
FC/SSF 2.5 mm (FC) Stainless Steel Ferrule
FC/CF 2.5 mm (FC) Ceramic Ferrule
SMA/N SMA with Hex Nut

Mechanical Specifications

Specification Value Notes
Enclosure Dimensions 171 x 153 x 90 mm L x W x H
OEM Dimensions 90 x 90 x 52 mm L x W x H
Humidity Non-condensing

Choosing Number of Turns

The PiezoDrive FS Optical Fiber Stretcher allows for high customization. A key parameter that can be adjusted is the optical path displacement (OPD) sensitivity, which can be adjusted by changing the number of fiber turns. The ideal number of turns is determined by the available voltage range and the required change in path length. To simplify the choice of turns and driver, an online tool is available below. Alternatively, please contact advice and configuration inquiries.

The configuration tool requires that you provide the required displacement and bandwidth needed for your application. Additionally, your signal source’s effective number of bits can be provided, allowing the tool to estimate the fiber stretcher’s resolution.

  • Thermally limited: This means that the tube needs to be driven with a high power to achieve the required displacement. This is suitable for short periods of operation but not continuous operation, which may result in overheating. This issue commonly arises when the required displacement is large and the number of turns is already maximized.
  • Not suitable: The driver will not supply enough current to provide the required displacement at the stated frequency. This requires more turns or more driver current.
  • Recommended Number of Turns: the ideal number of turns that meet the requirements for a given driver.
  • Resolution: the minimum step size, assuming a 16 bit input.
  • Required Voltage: the voltage recommended to meet the required displacement.
  • Maximum continuous operating frequency at required voltage: continuously operating above this frequency will thermally damage the fiber stretcher .
  • Maximum intermitted operating frequency at required voltage: the maximum frequency that the amplifier can output at the required voltage.
  • Optical displacement at amplifier’s maximum Voltage: the change in the optical path at the amplifier’s full voltage range.
  • Cost: cost of the amplifier(s) in USD. Note, two PX200s are required for the differential configuration.


You can either order the PiezoDrive FS Optical Fiber Stretcher through the PiezoDrive website or request a quote from info@piezodrive.com. If requesting a quote, it is preferred that you provide an order code for your preferred configuration.  The PiezoDrive FS Optical Fiber Stretcher has the following order code format:

FS-(Fiber Type)(Fiber Order Code)-N(Number of Turns)( Enclosure)(Optical Connector 1)(Optical Connector 2)(Electrical Configuration)

  • Fiber Type: SM or PM
  • Fiber Order Code: see SM and PM fiber tables
  • Number of Turns: number of fiber winds around the tube
  • Enclosure: blank if OEM or ENCL for the enclosure option
  • Optical Connector 1/Optical Connector 2: blank for the enclosure option or see optical connector table
  • Electrical Configuration: blank for OEM option or see the electrical configurations table

Example 1: OEM with 35 turns of SM300 single-mode optic fiber using FC/APC connectors:


Example 2: single point BNC enclosure with 70 turns of 460HP polarization-maintaining optic fiber:


Standard Delivery Contents

  • PiezoDrive FS Optical Fiber Stretcher (in chosen configuration)


Warranty and Service

The PiezoDrive FS Optical Fiber Stretcher is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Contact your distributor or info@piezodrive.com for service. Please include the amplifier serial number.