PDUS210 – 210 Watt Ultrasonic Driver / Generator

The PDUS210 is a complete solution for driving precision and high-power ultrasonic actuators. Functions include high-speed resonance tracking of both series or parallel resonance modes, vibration amplitude control, and analysis functions such as impedance and frequency response measurement. The PDUS210 is well suited to both OEM product integration and laboratory use for research and development. Applications include ultrasonic drilling and cutting, medical devices, dental devices, ultrasonic testing, liquid cavitation, and vaporization.

The PDUS210 is controlled via USB and the included software package. An RS485 interface also provides a straight-forward method to control and monitor the amplifier for automatic test and OEM applications.

The PDUS210 generates a pure sine-wave output which avoids the excitation of secondary resonance modes by the drive harmonics. This makes it ideal for operating at the electrical parallel resonance, or ‘anti-resonance’. This operating point is close to the mechanical resonance frequency but is less sensitive to changes in load dissipation, which is useful in precision machining applications where constant vibration amplitude is desired.

The PDUS210 is available with standard output voltage ranges from 17 Vrms to 282 Vrms, and current ranges from 0.7 Arms to 11 Arms. These ranges are optimized for load impedances ranging from 1.5 Ohms to above 400 Ohms at resonance. For research and development applications, a reconfigurable version is available (PDUS210-FLEX), this version uses external output matching transformers to allow operation at any of the available output voltage ranges.

PDUS210 - 210 Watt Ultrasonic Driver / Generator - ultrasonic Specifications and User Manual

PDUS210 Ultrasonic driver
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Electrical Specifications

Specification Value Notes
Output Voltage 0 – 800 Vp-p See standard voltage ranges
Output Current Max 0 – 32 Ap-p See standard voltage ranges
Load Impedance 1 Ohm – 5 kOhm See standard voltage ranges
Output Waveform Sine wave
DC Output Voltage Zero See manual for other options
Output Isolation Isolated Grounded also possible
Max Output Power 210 W With optimal load impedance
Internal Power Dissipation 130 W Maximum
Frequency See table below 6kHz to 500kHz with modification
Power Supply 48 V, 280 Watt
Controller Phase tracking, current control, power control 2ms frequency update rate
Resonance or anti-resonance
Interface USB and RS485
Digital IO 4 DIO For manual control

Standard Output Voltage Ranges

The following table lists the specifications of each model variant, including: the maximum output voltage, the maximum output current, optimal load impedance and the recommended frequency range. Refer to the manual for unipolar output voltage options.

Order Code Max Voltage
Volts pk-pk
Max Voltage
Volts RMS
Max Current
Amps pk-pk
Max Current
Amps RMS
Load Ohms
Load Range
PDUS210-800 800 282 2 0.71 400 260 – 840 20-200
PDUS210-600 600 212 2.6 0.92 225 146 – 472 20-200
PDUS210-400 400 141 4 1.4 100 65 – 210 20-200
PDUS210-200 200 70 8 2.8 25 16 – 52 20-200
PDUS210-175 175 62 9.1 3.2 19.1 12 – 40 10-100
PDUS210-100 100 35 16 5.7 6.25 4 – 13 20-200
PDUS210-50 50 17 32 11.3 1.56 1 – 3 20-200

Note: The output voltage resolution and tolerance is 8 bits, or 256 levels. Therefore, the smallest possible change in voltage is full-scale range / 256. The minimum output voltage is also limited by resolution. When the amplifier is enabled and the output voltage is set to zero volts, the actual output voltage may be up to 1% of the full-scale range.

*The load impedance range is the range of impedances which guarantee more than 100W of power supplied to the load. Higher or lower impedances can be driven but with reduced power. The relationship between maximum achievable power and the load impedance is plotted in the following figure. In this plot, the impedance is normalized by the optimal impedance; that is, $$Z_{norm} = \frac{Z_{load}}{Z_{opt}}$$

For example, the optimal impedance of the PDUS210-400 is 100 Ohms, so with a 50 Ohm load, the normalized impedance is 0.5, From the plot, it can be observed that greater than 100 W can be achieved with a normalized impedance from 0.65 to 2.1, which for the PDUS210-400, is 65 Ohms to 210 Ohms.

PDUS210 Maximum ultrasonic power versus normalized impedance

The impedance ranges for other common power levels are listed in the following table. For example, all amplifiers will supply more than 150W with a normalized load impedance between 0.71 and 1.4. For the PDUS210-400, this is equivalent to 71 Ohms and 140 Ohms.

Minimum Power $Z_{Load}$ Lower Bound $Z_{Load}$ Upper Bound
150W $0.71 \times Z_{opt}$ $1.4 \times Z_{opt}$
100W $0.65 \times Z_{opt}$ $2.1 \times Z_{opt}$
50W $0.53 \times Z_{opt}$ $4.2 \times Z_{opt}$

Mechanical Specifications

Specification Value Notes
Enclosure Dimensions 227 x 168 x 54 mm L x W x H
Mass 1.4 kg
Temperature Range 0C – 50C
Humidity Non-condensing

PDUS210-FLEX Specifications

The PDUS210-FLEX is identical to the standard PDUS210 except that it requires an external transformer connected between the amplifier and transducer using the supplied cable. This allows the user to switch between different output voltage ranges by changing the external transformer. Please refer to the manual for unipolar output voltage options and operating instructions.

The PDUS210-FLEX must be purchased with at least one external transformer. These are available online. The part numbers and specifications are:

Order Code Turns
Load Ohms
Load Range
TX210-800 18.18 800 282 2 0.71 400 260 – 840 20-200
TX210-600 13.64 600 212 2.6 0.92 225 146 – 472 20-200
TX210-400 9.09 400 141 4 1.4 100 65 – 210 20-200
TX210-200 4.55 200 70 8 2.8 25 16 – 52 20-200
TX210-175 3.98 175 62 9.1 3.2 19.1 12 – 40 10-100
TX210-100 2.27 100 35 16 5.7 6.25 4 – 13 20-200
TX210-50 1.14 50 17 32 11.3 1.56 1 – 3 20-200

A kit containing six transformers ranging from 17Vrms to 282Vrms is also available (TX210-Kit1). This includes the following output voltage ranges: 17, 35, 70, 141, 212, and 282 Vrms.

TX210 Ultrasonic Transformer
Specification Value Notes
Input Connector Plug-in screw terminal Connecting cable supplied
Output Connectors Identical to PDUS210 See “Front Panel” section
Transformer Dimensions 104 x 57 x 51 mm L x W x H
Mass 0.2 kg

Desktop Software

The desktop application controls the amplifier and plots the key signals and operating conditions, which can be logged and exported as CSV files. The desktop application also includes advanced analysis functions such as impedance frequency response analysis, and a setup assistant to help new users analyze and choose operating conditions. Please refer to the manual for a full description.

PDUS210 software

Standard Delivery Contents

  • PDUS210 Amplifier (in chosen configuration)
  • Handheld controller
  • Handheld controller cable (DSUB9 3ft)
  • 280W Desktop power supply
  •  IEC Power cable suited to the destination shipping address
  • USB Cable (Type A)
  • 3 Way plug-in screw terminals for output (Amphenol TJ0331530000G)
  • 4 Way plug-in screw terminal for RS-485 connector (Amphenol TJ0431530000G)


Warranty and Service

The PDUS210 is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 12 months from the date of purchase.
Contact your distributor or info@piezodrive.com for service. Please include the amplifier serial number.