9 Pin D-Sub Cable


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A number of 300 V D-Sub cables are available for the TD250. All are supplied with at least one 9-Pin D-Sub connector for connecting to the amplifier. The second connector is either a D-Sub connector for connecting to the breakout box, or free wires.

Connector 2 Length Order Code
9 Pin Male 75 cm DSUB9-MM-75cm
9 Pin Male 150 cm DSUB9-MM-150cm
Free Wires 75 cm DSUB9-MW-75cm
Free Wires 150 cm DSUB9-MW-150cm

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 1 cm

9 Pin Male, 75cm (DSUB9-MM-75cm), 9 Pin Male, 150cm (DSUB9-MM-150cm), Free Wires, 75cm (DSUB9-MW-75cm), Free Wires, 150cm (DSUB9-MW-150cm)