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The PDUS210 is a complete solution for driving precision and high-power ultrasonic actuators. The amplifier includes high-speed resonance tracking of a series or parallel resonance modes, vibration amplitude control, and analysis functions such as impedance and frequency response measurement. The PDUS210 is well suited to both OEM product integration and laboratory use for research and development. Applications include ultrasonic drilling and cutting, medical devices, dental devices, ultrasonic testing, liquid cavitation, and vaporization.

The PDUS210 is controlled via USB and the included software package. An RS485 interface also provides a straight-forward method to control and monitor the amplifier for automatic test and OEM applications.

The PDUS210 generates a pure sine-wave output which avoids the excitation of secondary resonance modes by the drive harmonics. This makes it ideal for operating at the electrical parallel resonance, or “anti-resonance”. This operating point is close to the mechanical resonance frequency but is less sensitive to changes in load dissipation, which is useful in precision machining applications where constant vibration amplitude is desired.

The PDUS210 is available with standard output voltage ranges from 17 Vrms to 282 Vrms, and current ranges from 0.7 Arms to 11 Arms. These ranges are optimized for load impedances ranging from 1.5 Ohms to 400 Ohms at resonance. For research and development applications, a reconfigurable version is available (PDUS210-FLEX) which uses external output matching transformers that are purchased separately. A transformer kit (TX210-Kit1) is also available, which includes all six standard output voltage ranges at a discounted price.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 21 cm
Output Voltage

17 Vrms, 35 Vrms, 62 Vrms, 70 Vrms, 141 Vrms, 212 Vrms, 282 Vrms, FLEX