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November 30, 2017 Uncategorised

The TD250 is an ultra-low noise, six-channel voltage amplifier with a bipolar 250V output range. The six channels can be driven independently, or configured as three channels with non-inverting and inverting outputs, which are ideal for driving piezoelectric tube scanners. The three-channel configuration can also be used to obtain +/-500V with a bridged load.

The TD250 can drive unlimited capacitive loads such as piezoelectric tubes, stack actuators, standard piezoelectric actuators, and bender actuators. Applications include, nanopositioning, microscopy, electro-optics, vibration control, and piezoelectric motors.

The output connector is an industry standard 9-Pin D-Sub connector. The amplifier is supplied with a 75cm output cable and breakout PCB. A breakout box is also available which provides BNC connectors for each output and a plug-in screw-terminal connector. OEM and customized versions are also available.

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