PDu150 Three Channel 150V Piezo Driver


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The PDu150 is a complete miniaturized power supply and ultra-low noise driver for up to three 100V, 120V or 150V piezoelectric stack actuators. Output currents up to 100mA per channel are developed at frequencies up to 80 kHz with exceptionally low noise. The noise level of 26uV is typically an order of magnitude better than the best full-size instruments even though the output power is similar. With a peak-to-peak resolution exceeding one part-per-million or 20-bit, the PDu150 exceeds the most demanding requirements in semiconductor machinery, scanning probe microscopy, optics, vibration control, and nanopositioning.

Key features include:

  • Ultra-low Noise: 26uV (1uF Load, 0.03 Hz to 1 MHz)
  • Output Voltage -30 V to +150 V
  • Output Current: 100 mA per channel
  • Signal Bandwidth: 180 kHz
  • Power Bandwidth: 80 kHz (150 Vp-p)
  • Comprehensive overload protection
  • Dimensions: 76 x 40 x 37 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 80 g

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