PX200 140W Voltage Amplifier



The PX200 is a low-noise voltage amplifier designed to drive capacitive and other loads from DC to hundreds of kHz. The output voltage range can be unipolar, bipolar, or asymmetric with a peak-to-peak value of between 50V and 200V. Two amplifiers can be connected in bridge-mode to provide ±200V or +400V. The amplifier will deliver up to 4 Amps peak with a sinusoidal output, or up to 8 Amps peak for pulse applications.

The PX200 is compact, lightweight, and can be powered from any mains supply. The output connectors include LEMO 00, LEMO 0B, BNC (adaptor included), and plug-in screw terminals, so many commercially available piezoelectric actuators can be directly connected. The PX200 is suited to a wide range of applications including: electro-optics, ultrasonics, vibration control, nanopositioning, and piezoelectric motors.

Key features include:

  • Flexible output voltage range, +/-100V to +200V
  • Up to +/-200V and 280W in bridge mode
  • Up to 8A peak output current
  • Exceptional full power bandwidth, 55 kHz
  • Exceptional signal bandwidth, 390 kHz
  • Less than 150uV RMS noise with a 10uF load
  • Unlimited capacitive loads
  • Continuous short-circuit protection
  • Front panel offset voltage adjustment
  • Comprehensive overload protection with shutdown
  • Front panel monitoring of voltage and current

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Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 43 × 31 × 21 cm